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Deceased Estate Terminology

Deceased Estate Terminology

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Some terms used a Deceased Estate matter.


Administrator - A person appointed by the court to administer a deceased person's estate where there is no Will.


Beneficiary - A person who is left something in a Will. Usually money or possession/ property.


Certified document - Copies of documents that have been confirmed as 'true copies of the originals'.


Claimant - A person making a claim on an estate.


Deceased Estate - The property belonging to a person who has passed away.


Executor - The person or persons named in a Will to take care of the deceased's assets and property.


Funeral Account - A tax invoice of the expenses for the funeral arrangements. 


Grant of Probate - A court order or certificate issued from the probate office that confirms the Will is valid.


Intestate - When a person dies without making a Will or the Will, they have made isn't valid.


Power of Attorney - A legal document which appoints another person to act on their behalf for financial matters.


Reseal of Probate - Enables the Probate to be granted in another state or territory to which it was originally granted.




Statutory Declaration - A legal written statement that a person signs and declares to be true.


Testator - The person making the Will (also referred to as a Will maker)


Trustee - A person who manages property held in trust for the benefit of another person.


Will - A written document that sets out what you want to happen to your Estate after you die.