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"Asking the right questions is as important as answering them." - Benoit Mandelbrot

Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Kind Agent actually do?

We coordinate trades and services and assist families in navigating deceased estates and moving to aged care homes. We also provide advice and consultation services to people needing independent info around real estate to help them in decision making around buying and selling real estate, including preparing homes for sale.


How much does The Kind Agent cost?

Consultations are a one-off consultation fee starting at $85.

Other services including decluttering, property co-ordination & ongoing assistance are offered on an upfront individual quotation basis. The quote is itemised with outgoing expenses and an hourly rate or set fee for time/ labour of The Kind Agent. 

What if I am not 'tech-savvy' and would like to book a consultation?

That's no problem! - Send an email, text or call anytime on or 0401 646 548. If I don't respond immediately I will as soon as possible. Please note our operating hours.


What happens if I want The Kind Agent to be part of my sale or buying?

While we are here to help and provide information to empower you in selling and purchasing and understanding the current real estate market, we are NOT selling or buyers agents. You can book as many consultations as you need for advice however, we will not act on your behalf directly in selling or purchasing. 

We are affiliated with a small, very qualified and aligned group of local agents across NSW so we are able to point you in the right direction and make recommendations to these agents. They are people we have worked with previously or had other clients use. For any questions around this - just ask us. We're very open about our referral partners and contractors.


Does The Kind Agent get paid by commission?

The simple answer is 'no'. As we are not a selling or buyers' agent, we do not work on a commission basis.

In the event that you employ an affiliated agent or contractor on our recommendation we will disclose any referral fees or gifts that we are provided with as a direct result of your business. 


Do you sponsor Community events or charities?

Absolutely! We love where we live and are here for it and to support our communities. If you have a community event or charity that we can help we'd love, you to reach out. 

It's also worth noting that we donate a portion of every fee to a local charity, and this is something Emily, our owner, is proud to have been doing for 18 years of her working life now. 


We think we have a good handle on things but not the contacts, can you connect us with people/ trades?

YES! definitely! - I have been using local trades and services for 18 years in this area. I also have connections throughout the whole service and map area and beyond - including regional areas such as Tamworth. Just simply reach out and through a consultation we can work it all out together!


What areas do you cover?

For virtual real estate consultations, we cover the whole of NSW. As the legislation is the same, we're able to advise on the whole state.

For General advice virtual consultations, this is fairly general in nature and so this is a country wide thing - we're able to help anyone in Australia with internet.

With practical onsite/ in home coordination, de-cluttering and sorting assistance for deceased estates and transition to aged care, this is limited to a map area of:

Singleton in the northwest, Coolongolook in the northeast, Cessnock in the west and Morisset in the South (refer to the map and see if you are in the area shown)