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Heard of a Blue Zone?

Heard of a Blue Zone?

date: 2nd April 2024

Have you heard of a 'Blue Zone'?


I was this many years old when I discovered them through a Netflix documentary, on a rainy day over the most recent Christmas holidays.

After multiple days of overeating and socialising it was time to veg out and watch TV. I was flicking through the recommended list and I came across the show called “Live to 100 secrets of the Blue Zones”.


Watching it, I learnt about the findings of Dan Buettner as he visited 5 main areas of the world that have a higher life expectancy and wellbeing or quality of life. It was interesting to say the least. The man at the helm of the research spanning over 20 years noted that death and dying is an uncomfortable thought and not talked about and inevitable. He also realised that of the 8 billion people on earth, two thirds will die from an avoidable disease.

Thus, 5 areas (blue zones) were identified as having the most concentrated population of centenarians, of which he explores in this docuseries. It mostly provoked the thought of all the overthinking we do and the propaganda we allow ourselves to believe in this era, I guess every era and I can’t speak for that of which I have not been here for.


If you don’t have Netflix or haven’t seen it, I can share with you my main take aways from this viewing experience were:

The show was designed for entertainment and not to provide medical advice and you should seek medical advice before changing your lifestyle.

1. Laughter and simple happiness were characteristics of each of the blue zones.


2. Activity - keeping active in mind and body were findings, whether it was gardening, music or sewing and art, all blue zones feature activity of mind and body.


3. Eating medicinal and nutrient rich foods. Essentially, large veggie filled meal with small meat/protein portion versus eating a burger and chips or less nutrient value meal.


4. From a farm kid that was raised on steak and veg, it's a long way from the regular diet I know, but not impossible!

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Blue Zones and Dan Buettner’s secrets for living longer “Blue Zones” are geographic areas with lower rates of chronic diseases and a longer life expectancy.”


WATCH on Netflix: Live to 100 secrets of the Blue Zones. Here's the link to the trailer:

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