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With 18 years experience in real estate we are very well versed in how things work and are here to kindly help you.

Virtual Consultation - Half Hour

Virtual Consultation - Half Hour

price: $85.00

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A half an hour consultation where we provide guidance and info to help with your unique situation. 

People book this if they are looking for info around the following:

  • Moving home, the logistics and any resources we can help with.
  • Buying a home, all the information to get you started when buying a home.
  • Selling a home, all the information to get you started in preparing your home for sale.
  • Renovating your home, a discussion on renovation ideas and adding value to your home.
  • Managing and co-ordinating a loved one's Estate property, we can help with info around this.
  • Downsizing, all the info on how this works and what we recommend to you.

We will ask you questions and address any questions or concerns.  We will then provide a follow up email outlining an overview of our recommendations and discussion with you.

By the end of the consultation, we hope you have a clearer understanding of what to expect and if required.

We ask that you note any specific questions or concerns you'd like advice on, if there's a few you can email them through in advance to ensure we have the answers on hand or we can just workshop any questions you have on the fly!


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