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The Inhouse Moving Checklist

The Inhouse Moving Checklist

date: 6th May 2024



A guide to preparation and organisation tool for moving home noting the common things to attend TO:



  • Consider the floorplan of your current home and the home you’re going to so you can plan your furniture placement.


  • Prepare an inventory of items (boxes or furniture) in each room.


  • Book removalist, cleaner and gardener or plan your schedule to attend to these.


  • Make a list of items, including minor repairs to attend to prior to moving day.


  • Buy your packing kit (boxes, packing tape, stickers, bubble wrap, textas)


  • Start packing one room at a time taking time to declutter and dispose of items as you go.


  • Wipe over cupboard shelves and windowsills and tracks as you pack each room.


  • Sort through your freezer and fridge items noting the expiry dates and opened food with a view to try and use anything you can prior to moving to reduce moving perishable items.


  • Cook the foods that need use prior to moving.


  • Sort through your garage and external of your home and storage areas.


  • Compile a folder with all important documents including passports, bills, birth certificates etc.


  • Review your home insurances and book the transfer of utilities.


  • Pack your survival kit for use during the move.


For more information and moving tips or to get a copy of a Moving Survival Kit visit our website or text/ call us on 0401 646 548.