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The Selling Process

The Selling Process

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The Selling Process

The preparation and process of selling a home.



  • Have a look online for similar homes in the same area and price range you'd like to sell for.


  • Select your team: 
    • Broker

    • Selling Agent

    •  Conveyancer/ Lawyer

    • Pest + Building Inspector

    • Preparation Crew


  • Engage your broker:  they will provide lending advice and estimate change over costs.
  • Attend open homes and consider the advertised price versus what the home sells for.
  • Consider how you'd like to sell your home and how long you'd like to be on the market.
  • Utilise the preparation checklist to consider what's important to you in a home.



  • Choose a conveyancer to provide guidance.
  • Interview selling agents.
  • Organise quotes and preparation organisation so your home is sale ready.



  • Order your contract for sale with your conveyancer.


  • Employ trades or attend to preparation items yourself.


  • Sign an agency agreement with your chosen agent.


  • Launch your property online and commence marketing.


  • Conduct open homes and consider feedback and offers.


  • Accept an offer and terms from the buyer.


  • Start packing and getting ready for settlement.


  • Do your final inspection/s + checks before settlement. 


  • Hand over the property + provide the keys to the agent.



and reflect on the memories. 


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